Residential Home and Weekend Respite

MCC Residential home is up and running; it’s a home that is welcoming, friendly, and comfortable, run by dedicated team of committed and experienced staff who make care, nurture and happiness a priority for each child within the ages of 10-23 years.

Residential students have a wide choice of creative, leisure, and home management activities all of which complement and extend their learning in school.

Residential students are supported by well qualified team of specialists and care givers which include a Speech and Language Pathologist, an Occupational Therapist, Behavioral Analyst and Social worker who work with the core teaching and care staff to develop individual programmes to enhance the student’s skills.

There is always one-to- one support for each student and two-to- one support occasionally and the care staff meet the needs of all students and ensure their well-being.

Residential Home Contact Number: +234 (0)810 857 2922.